August 14

Moraira: Incredibly Inexpensive Beach Vacation


Hello, gentle readers, I know I have been a little preoccupied lately due to work and a bit of a vacation to an area south of Valencia, Moraira. Sadly, it was one of those dreaded “work” vacations, but certainly not without plenty of free time to enjoy the incredible surroundings. A group of us rented a cottage villa chalet mansion to spend some time near the beach, and we could not have been happier. The place was huge, and split between six people, including all food purchases, it was really, really inexpensive. Like less than 400EUR ($550) inexpensive… and the pictures below can give you an idea of what a great deal that was.

If you’re interested in renting this yourself, check out the link here… the buttons on the left will take you to the detailed photos of the place:

Since I was the only native English-speaker there, this was a real language immersion experience. Like my trip to Germany, the intensity of the conversations really helped my ability to speak Spanish more comfortably. My language comprehension is improved, and my ability to speak (after properly waking up!) is significantly closer to fluency. Still a long way to go, but I am continuing to improve my understanding of Spanish.

In the photos below, you will see the view from the “Casa Pegasus,” the place that we rented, among other things. The mountain rising in the distance is Parc Natural Piñón de Ifac, a peak rising from the ocean in front of Calpe, the next town over. The ocean in the distance completed an incredible vista to enjoy…

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beach, Moraira

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    1. Hi, Stephen. I have been thinking of y’all quite a bit lately and owe you a phone call. I miss you, too!

  1. Bea-u-ti-ful!!! What a wonderful adventure for you, Christopher!

    Thinking of you today as the GaETC gang gets together 🙂

    1. Jill, thanks for the comment. I miss the group of friends in GaETC… I hope everyone is having a great start of the school year. I definitely miss being part of that family!

    1. I miss you, too, Ron. It was a spectacular view! Miss you, too, and hope you are doing well!

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