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2015 Valencia: Gandía and Playa Las Rotas


Filled with summer wanderlust, a couple of friends and I decided to visit Gandía on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It’s easy and cheap, since a round-trip ticket on the train will get you there for the cost of one hour each way and about $12.00. We had high hopes for swimming and people-watching, but when another friend who lives in Gandía joined us, we decided to go further south, to the natural park of Playa las Rotas in the region of Dénia. Found in the southernmost region of the Valencian province, Dénia is typically used to mark the transition from the region of Valencia to the region of Alicante, a tourism favorite in Europe. (If you’re American, think of it like Valencia as a state, and there are three counties: Castellón in the north, Valencia in the middle, and Alicante in the south. I know, it’s a little redundant to have the Valencia region in the state of Valencia, but I can’t really help you there.)

While Gandía has a beach much like Valencia’s, filled with sand and lots of people who had the same idea as we did, going to the area of Dénia and Playa Las Rotas featured a beautiful scenic route and plenty of sights to enjoy along the way. The beach there is much like the beach in Moraira, filled with stones, natural caves, and a very different beach view than what I see most often.

I must say that the entire day was beautiful, but these shots can only give you a rough idea of how gorgeous the environment really was. The water is incredibly clear, and there are lots of places where you can swim and enjoy the breeze and sun by the water. The mountains were a lovely contrast to the gorgeous setting at the beach.

Eventually, we made our way back to Valencia, but only after a delightful and unexpected trip to a new area nearby!

DSCN7949 copy

DSCN7936 copy

DSCN7909 copy

DSCN7910 copy

DSCN7911 copy

DSCN7912 copy

DSCN7916 copy

DSCN7917 copy

DSCN7920 copy

DSCN7924 copy

DSCN7925 copy

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DSCN7927 copy

DSCN7929 copy

DSCN7932 copy

DSCN7933 copy


DSCN7934 copy

DSCN7940 copy

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DSCN7951 copy

DSCN7952 copy


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  1. Playa Las Rotas looks like a place I’d love to visit. I love the contrast of the white cliffs against that gorgeous ocean! Beautiful! The houses up on the bluff aren’t so bad either…Looks like you had a great little side trip.

    1. Yes, it really is a beautiful place, and it was a fun day trip. The houses look enormous, but the view must be spectacular! We’ll plan to go there when you come visit! :-))

    1. Hi, Pam, I hope all is well!

      Oh, wow! Thanks! It really was a beautiful day at the beach and I’m glad the pictures turned out so well! Can you send me the link to the pin?

  2. Wow! Playa Las Rotas looks like a slice of paradise! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures, Christopher. Keep them coming! I am enjoying your blog so much!

    1. Sandra, thanks so much! It really was an amazing day, and I am glad you enjoyed it, too! I hope all well 🙂

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