Independence Day for Americans here in Valencia can be somewhat daunting. I know, I know, I could celebrate the holiday with other Americans, but this year I decided to do something decidedly different… I took a day trip with an activity group to see El Pou Clar. Only about an hour from Valencia, El Pou Clar is in the region of Valencia (see here if you want more explanation about that craziness!) and easy to reach. I figured that this would be a different kind of Independence Day.

I was definitely right.

The Autonomous State of Valencia is peppered with unique places to visit with cultural and historical interests that reach back into prehistoric times, and Ontinyent is a good example. Romans, Moors, and other invaders all spent time in this region. While the mountains are quite intense, the real treat is the natural spring-fed lake called El Pou Clar, or the clear well or clear pool. Found in the middle of a forest area, this popular day-trip destination is a great place for picnics, swimming, and an excursion with friends. With two beautiful pools, nearby trails, and a lovely setting with flowers and trees, this is a great place to visit.

I have participated in several social and event group activities through, and you may recall the Montanejos trip that I took a while ago with this group. Aside from being able to interact with a really friendly bunch of people, the locations are a real treat to visit. So, on this particular Independence Day, I was very pleased to be able to go somewhere new!

One word about the water. It’s cold. Not the “oh, if I hang out here for a few minutes it will be okay,” kind of cold. More like the “I can’t feel my feet anymore so I should get out of the water” kind of cold. People jump from very high rocks into the deep pools, apparently willing to suffer thermal shock and potential long-term damage in an effort to feel alive. Good for them, but I am waaaaayyyyy to risk-aversive for that silliness!

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Kindly note the idiot midair in the photo below.


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