Hi, my name is Christopher, and this is a journal of my dream to live in another country. After visiting Valencia, Spain, I knew that I would like to live there for a while. I lived in Valencia for about two years in 2014-2015, and moved back to the States. In October 2021, I moved back to Valencia again!

I know that you clicked on “About” to find out more about me, so here’s some pertinent info:

Where I have lived:

  • Macon, Georgia, USA
  • Melbourne / Palm Bay, Florida, USA
  • St. Charles / Geneva / Batavia, Illinois, USA (near Chicago)
  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Valencia, EspaƱa

When attending a residency in Spain for my PhD program, I visited Valencia, and realized that my dream of living overseas could come true. After three years of planning, selling most of what I have, and learning Spanish, I moved to Valencia. I spent two great years enjoying Valencia, but needed to move back to the US for a job. In October 2021, I moved back to live in Valencia again.

I am married to a wonderful guy who shares my dream to explore Spain. I have also been a vegetarian since 1992, and was even vegan for five years. I love to cook and typically cook vegan at home (if you are wondering, cheese is my kryptonite). I’m slowly unwinding my American tendencies to plan everything, which is one of the hardest tasks I have ever undertaken. I know I’ll be a Spanish student for the rest of my life, and I’m happy that I have friends that are patient with me while I unintentionally butcher their native language.

I have been a high school teacher, a biologist, a business consultant, an international learning program designer, a policy and procedure developer, a technology director, a school district administrator, an author, and a traveler. Since moving back to Spain, I have returned to teaching, and currently work online as a high school biology teacher for an online school in the US.

More about me? I hold a PhD program in Leadership and Organizational Change, with a focus on virtual leadership. I also run a meetup for Future Expats, with monthly meetings to discuss many topics around becoming an expat. As a sociologist, I am fascinated by the expat experience, and love learning from others about their experiences and goals.

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