Recently, I decided to join some friends for a long weekend adventure to Karlsruhe, Germany. While we were there to celebrate Xavi’s 40th birthday, we also had a day to see Strasbourg, France. It was an excellent way to spend an otherwise gloomy day. While I don’t have many pictures of Karlsruhe because it was either raining, extremely cold, or full of partying people when I had my camera out, Strasbourg was simply overcast and a bit chilly.

The highlight of the trip is the Strasbourg cathedral, which is a formidable building in dark stone and  a commanding presence in the surrounding neighborhoods. It’s easy to see why: if you look at the scale of the building based on the size of the people in the photos, you can tell that it was an enormous structure. Inside, there were amazing stained glass windows, clerestory windows, a celestial clock, and more.

Next was a walk through the city along the Rhine, which afforded a few snapshots of homes and buildings that were from both German and French styles, which is to be expected in a border town like Strasbourg. I can imagine sunny days along this river, with people enjoying the surroundings while going to and from work or school.

The final stop was a quick “hello” to the European Parliament building, which is the seat of the European Union. While some of the buildings in the complex look like turtles sitting on bricks in their squat proportions, the photos below are of a modernistic and sleek structure.

(Bonus: Funny story! When discussing the plans for the trip, I kept hearing the word “estrasburgo” and said that I did not understand what that meant. After some circular discussions, where I asked for the meaning of the word and was told that it was a place, not a thing, I finally connected the dots. However, for a minute there, I had the image of a scene from the Little Mermaid, where Scuttle, played by Buddy Hackett, is trying to tell everyone about danger and is yelling, “Do you HEAR what I am TELLING you?” Bottom line: Estrasburgo = Strasbourg. There’s your vocabulary lesson for the day. You are welcome.)

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