On a somewhat gray and brisk morning last week, I took the time to visit the Exposició del Ninot, or exposition of the smaller figurines surrounding the larger fallas that will be on display throughout the city in March. Some of the best of these ninots, or smaller sculptures, are on display in the exposition in four large portable buildings, all strung together to make a very, very, very large gallery.

For the modest price of 2 Euro, I was treated to almost more than I could see. These sculptures are amazing in their variety and composition, and come in many shapes and sizes, as you will see below. I took lots of pictures, and will split them into three posts: this one, another for the second half of the exposition, and a third on political themes.

Speaking of themes, many of these ninots are thematic to the specific falla, so they do not form a cohesive whole here. What you see is a wide variety of artistic impressions and ideas, each to be judged on its own individual merit. By the way, I could have voted while I was there on which one(s) I think should be saved from burning, but I was too overwhelmed by the amazing artwork to realize I could vote. Plus, there are all these categories that frankly mean nothing to me. Ah, well, there is always next year!


DSCN6275 copy

DSCN6278 copy

DSCN6279 copy

The bat, the mascot of Valencia. A little terrified, I think!

DSCN6280 copy

Julio Iglesias, anyone?


DSCN6281 copy


A member of the Guardia Civil. Or at least how many people interpret the Guardia Civil.

DSCN6284 copy

DSCN6287 copy

A little more stylized, but no less artistic.

DSCN6290 copy

DSCN6291 copy

DSCN6292 copy

DSCN6295 copy

More on the guy to the left with the suitcase of cards in a later post.

DSCN6299 copy

DSCN6300 copy

After my post about the “inclement” weather, this seems strangely appropriate…

DSCN6301 copy

DSCN6302 copy

And then there were the smaller figurines… hundreds and hundreds of them!

DSCN6305 copy

Take a good look at the eggs under the chicken. More on him later…

DSCN6307 copy

DSCN6308 copy

A fallera hugging a petardo, or firework.

DSCN6309 copy

DSCN6310 copy

Apparently, this is the spa where local deli foods go for a relaxing steam bath and massage.

DSCN6312 copy

This was really funny to me… too bad my reflection is in the glass. There was just no other angle that showed her face and pose in a way that did the ninot any justice.

DSCN6313 copy

See what I mean about overwhelming. Four corridors of these things!

DSCN6316 copy

There was at least one collection of ninots with bees in them, perhaps all belonging to the same larger falla. Either way, the look on her face is brilliant.

DSCN6318 copy

Stylized singing fallera…

DSCN6319 copy

Oogie Boogie, anyone?

DSCN6320 copy

This is a caricature of the Bioparc, our local open-environment zoo.

DSCN6321 copy

DSCN6322 copy

See what I mean about the bees?

DSCN6324 copy

DSCN6325 copy