During Las Fallas, the city of Valencia enters into a zone of surreality. So much changes in such a short amount of time that you can truly marvel at the tradition and the work that goes into producing this much art, this much involvement, and this kind of experience. The official festival goes from 1 March to 19 March, but the real work has already begun on the next year’s events.

As I walked past a dry cleaner this afternoon, I saw many fallera dresses hanging after being cleaned. The city is breathing deeply after the festival, poised for springtime that is arriving now in full force, and new adventures are close by.

In the selection below, you will see the representation of Moses in ayuntamiento, plus the construction of smaller  infantil fallas (every large falla, la falla grande, has a smaller one, called la falla infantil, associated with it) and various other artwork that I found around the city simply by walking around. Take note of the woman with the coconut bra, and consider the scale and location of such a structure in the middle of the street. It is hard to show the scale when the figures are so big, but many are truly imposing and are five to six stories high.

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