February 20

Fallas Ninots Part Two: Plenty More to See!

Gentle readers, in my last post, I provided an overview of the Expositión del Ninots, a huge exhibition of some of the smaller artwork surrounding the fallas that will be on display during the month of March. I know, it is a lot to take in for a blog post, but you can see the wide variety of artistic talent available in the city, a talent that is recognized and scouted by other artistic organizations like Disney. Here, I have placed pictures of some of the smaller figures in glass cases, as well as the larger-than-life ones in the exhibit.

Due to the proximity of other figures, sometimes the ninots to the right and the left make it difficult to understand the theme or the idea the artist is trying to convey. No worries… we will see it all together during Las Fallas next month, gentle reader.


DSCN6326 copy

DSCN6327 copy

DSCN6329 copy


I especially like the mummified cat on the left of the mummy ninot.

DSCN6331 copy

Quite the psychedelic mermaid, no?


DSCN6332 copy

DSCN6333 copy

This one was lovely… I will look for it in March to see the whole effect.

DSCN6340 copy

Ahhhhhhh, breakfast, Dolly Parton style.

DSCN6345 copy

The faces on these two gave me a chuckle.


DSCN6382 copy

DSCN6348 copy

Okay, so this one is a little unusual. This gentleman is making the daily dish of paella, but instead of traditional ingredients, he is “spicing it up” with fireworks. The recipe, in Valenciano, describes the ingredients, including various types of fireworks for the daily menu. You will notice he is quite spattered with the rice…

DSCN6350 copy

DSCN6352 copy

DSCN6353 copy

DSCN6355 copy

Not all ninots are people or figurines. This one is an Egyptian-Mayan (???) theme piece. I wonder what the entire falla will look like!

DSCN6356 copy

Lots of witches in various shapes and sizes…

DSCN6357 copy

Ahhhhh, the modern fallera, complete with her motor scooter and sassy attitude.

DSCN6363 copy

Or, if you prefer, at home on the phone.

DSCN6366 copy

Even superheros should watch their consumption of unhealthy foods. Too much paella under the batbelt, I think.

DSCN6390 copy

DSCN6391 copy

DSCN6392 copy

This piece is in monochrome, and I think I know where it will be placed. I will try to find it in March to see the whole falla!

DSCN6393 copy

DSCN6394 copy

DSCN6399 copy

DSCN6404 copy

Okay, this one deserves a little explanation. In El Carmen, a section of the old city, there are large, building-size posters of local businesspeople on a number of the buildings. One one of them (will have to find it and take a picture), a woman of extremely voluptuous proportions, is dressed in boudoir-appropriate apparel in a paella pan (paellera). This is a caricature of that poster.

DSCN6405 copy

DSCN6406 copy

Ahhhh, John and Yoko.

DSCN6407 copy

DSCN6408 copy

DSCN6410 copy

DSCN6411 copy

DSCN6418 copy

Classic: a man and woman dressed in tradition clothes, surrounded by fireworks and topped with a bat. Must be Valencia!

DSCN6419 copy

Detail of the kimono from the previous picture.

DSCN6420 copy

San Vicente Ferrer, one of the city’s patron saints.

DSCN6421 copy

Satire? Definitely.

DSCN6425 copy

DSCN6429 copy

DSCN6430 copy

DSCN6431 copy



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