November 27

Thanksgiving in Georgia 2014


Well, due to my unexpected travel for work, I am lucky enough to spend time with family and friends for Thanksgiving. So, as a result, here I am in Macon, Georgia, at my parents’ home. I have had the lovely opportunity to meet with friends, speak on the phone in the same time zone (trust me, it is a luxury that I do not take for granted!), and make some new friends, too.

Later today, my two younger daughters will be arriving for lunch, and I have had time to enjoy last night and this morning with my parents. I will be heading back to Savannah tomorrow to work over the weekend (grants never sleep, friends), and move closer to the submission to the state.

One other point: my residency renewal was approved! When I return to Spain, I will have to take the necessary steps to get a new residency card and register where I need to register.

Life is grand, and I am very thankful for my family, my friends, and the experiences that have connected me with so many wonderful people. I hope you feel the same!


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Changes in direction
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  1. Grandes noticias!!. Disfrutaremos de tu compañía mas tiempo. Espero que hayas disfrutado de Acción de Gracias con tu familia.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Christopher! I am really enjoying following your posts. So happy you were able to spend TG here with your parents and the girls. Much love to you!

    1. Thanks, Julie, and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. I am very, very glad to be here, and it was a treat to see my family. I hope you are doing well, and I miss you much… Give Michael my love, too! xxoo, c

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