Well, due to my unexpected travel for work, I am lucky enough to spend time with family and friends for Thanksgiving. So, as a result, here I am in Macon, Georgia, at my parents’ home. I have had the lovely opportunity to meet with friends, speak on the phone in the same time zone (trust me, it is a luxury that I do not take for granted!), and make some new friends, too.

Later today, my two younger daughters will be arriving for lunch, and I have had time to enjoy last night and this morning with my parents. I will be heading back to Savannah tomorrow to work over the weekend (grants never sleep, friends), and move closer to the submission to the state.

One other point: my residency renewal was approved! When I return to Spain, I will have to take the necessary steps to get a new residency card and register where I need to register.

Life is grand, and I am very thankful for my family, my friends, and the experiences that have connected me with so many wonderful people. I hope you feel the same!