November 14

Latest News: Travel and Residency Renewal

Gentle readers, I was recently given the opportunity to return to the States for work. I am excited to be going there, and very excited to see family and friends, if time permits. Overall, this will be an almost 4-week trip, and the travel came as a total surprise and a welcome opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving in the States. While I will be working in Savannah, I hope to spend some time in Macon and Atlanta if I can manage it on the weekends. I will also be back in Valencia in plenty of time to celebrate Christmas and Three Kings Day here.

Oh, and earlier this week, I received an update on my residency renewal process. Through a certified letter, I received a number of forms that I had to take first to the bank (i.e. pay a fee), and then go to the correct office of “foreigner affairs” quite close to where I live. After turning the papers in at that office, I now have to wait. If I do not hear that there are any problems  by the three-month mark on 3 January 2015, then my residency is approved. I will wait for the official “approval letter” around that time.

All good news!



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  1. Found your site! I am actually going to be coming from the US on vacation and will be there for Thanksgiving. Any recommendations for restaurant options? 🙂

    1. Yes, I have loads of ideas. What kind of food do you prefer? Traditional Spanish? Vegetarian-friendly? Does it matter? Let me know! -christopher

      1. I am open. Traditional Spanish is good. Open to anything that is trendy/delicious too!

        1. Well, many places in the city center are quite good and they often speak English, too.
          Typical Spanish: La Vida es Bella (which is a little hard to find but quite good!)
          Outstanding Italian: La Gñocca del Pirata
          Excellent Spanish fare: La Kañamera
          Vegetarian in a unique environment: Copenhagen
          Excellent lunch place: Mamina’s (save room for dessert!)
          Tapas: La Rentaora
          Mexican/Tex-Mex with a Spanish flair: La Veganza de Malinche (but read my review, too)
          Typical Mediterranean: La Bocana del Puerto (but check their hours first)
          Italian: La Pappardella

          Another really, really good vegetarian place is La Tastaolletes, and you can see pix of the food here.

          I hope that helps get you started. Usually, restaurants have a menú for both lunch and dinner that includes an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert for a very reasonable price. I do recommend visiting Alhambra if you can for tortilla. Let me know what you think!

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