One fine morning, a friend and I decided to meet at Cafe Alhambra for a late breakfast, or almuerzo. After a lovely walk through some of the older sections of town to reach the cafe, I knew we were in for a treat. You see, Cafe Alhambra has the distinction of being the best Tortilla Espanola in Spain. Definitely in Valencia. Definitely in my tummy.

Tortilla española is worth competitions. Unlike a Mexican-style tortilla that is a flat disk of corn or flour deliciousness, Spanish tortilla is an egg-and-potato mixture cooked in a pan on both sides, requiring some pretty fancy flipping. I would even call it the Spanish national dish, and while every region has its specialities, almost every bar has tortilla ready to go. Whether cut into wedges as a filling in a sandwich or served on a plate as a main course, tortilla española is a filling, inexpensive, and flavorful way to enjoy a true flavor of Spain.

Oh, and don’t be fooled. There is a reason it is not called an “omelette” or “fritatta.” Those things are different. That’s why they are not called tortilla. In the case below, you can see what a true tortilla is supposed to look like. Oh, and there aren’t pictures of my plate. The two wedges of tortilla that I ordered, including one with onion and one with artichokes, and served with bread and a cup of coffee, did not last long. However, I did manage to take a pic of the restaurant interior… and those things on the wall are newspaper ads proclaiming their tortilla superiority.

The other pictures are a couple of neighborhood shots. Gorgeous day, really!

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