March 5

Fallas 2014 Begins

This past Saturday, one of the world’s most incredible festivals began with a bang (literally) in the town center, or ayuntamiento. From March 1 to March 19, Valencia is filled with the sound of fireworks, parades, bands, fireworks, parties, costumes, and more fireworks than you can imagine. Did I say there were fireworks? I meant that there were fireworks. Wielded by tots, grannies, and everyone in between, the city reaches a frenzy by March 19, at which point everyone collapses in exhaustion to give their livers and other internal organs a rest.

We will be on a journey throughout the month together, gentle reader, as we explore this tradition and its existence today in the region of Valencia. Here are some pictures to get you thinking!

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More adventures upcoming!
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    1. Oh, there were fireworks, and I am just trying to come up with the best way to share them! Gosh, LD1 is today, isn’t it? Have fun!

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