Fireworks? In the daytime? One of the long-standing traditions of the Fallas celebration is the daily fireworks celebration, called the mascletà, which occurs in the ayuntamiento, or town square. In my last post, I tried to give you a sense of the huge number of people who attend this public event, and this is what they came to see: a massive celebration of sound and smoke. One amazing thing about the mascletà is the rhythm that emerges from the bursts of sound. You can appreciate that there is almost no delay between the fireworks exploding and the sound recorded on my camera, which shows you just how close you can get.

Since watching fireworks in the daytime is about as exciting as watching paint dry, the video below is mercifully short at a little less than three minutes. The day was overcast, the smoke was grey, and there was a monstrous post right in front of me. You get the idea. If you want to just jump to the finale, then go to 1:15 or so for the big stuff.

Production note: Finally, sorry about the image quality from my camera. To keep the video from being too large, the quality is reduced. Without a tripod, the options for keeping the camera still were nonexistent. Of course, I wasn’t helping by trying to focus on fireworks. I am also hosting this video on my website, but may switch to another media format (like YouTube, for example) in the future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this!

2014mascleta-still01 copy 2014mascleta-still02 copy 2014mascleta-still03 copy