January 30

Day Trip: Montanejos and the Not-So-Thermal Baths


After impulsively signing up for the trip to Montanejos (pronounced mon-ta-NAY-hos), the group was to meet at Torres Serrano, one of the city gates, to leave on our all-day excursion.  The weather was clear and crisp, with lots of sunlight, and the bus was full of really friendly people. What else can you ask for when signing up for an event with a group of (mostly) strangers? I was fortunate enough to know a couple of people on the trip already. Mostly expats, the groups was gregarious and engaging, and there was plenty to chat about with everyone.

So, after a first stop at Salto de la Novia, or Bride’s Jump Waterfall, we proceeded toward Montanejos, an area famed for its thermal springs and lovely terrain. Wait one moment, gentle reader! If you think that this is like the Icelandic thermal baths filled with pasty white people wearing blissful expressions while steam from the spring wafts about in the air, you are totally wrong. That was my expectation, or at least my hope for this destination. Nope. Not even close.

Instead, there is a totally different kind of beauty about Montanejos. The setting is both cultured for lots of visitors in the warmer months and still wild enough to enjoy being outdoors. A group of friends and I walked into the town for a quick bite to eat before walking along the paths beside the river to the thermal springs. All said, it was a perfect day. Clear weather? Check. Picnic lunch? Check. Great people to talk to? Check. Plenty to photograph? Check.

A note about the pictures below: The water looks green, but that is actually suspended minerals, not algae. The water is actually amazing clear, as you will be able to see. The next time I come here, I would like to swim in the water to explore the river more thoroughly. I have included pictures of the town and the river… I hope you enjoy them!

DSCN6224 copy DSCN6223 copy

DSCN6222 copy


DSCN6225 copy

DSCN6226 copy

DSCN6228 copy

DSCN6230 copy

Montanejos town square and city hall. So different when compared to Valencia!

DSCN6231 copy

DSCN6233 copy

DSCN6235 copy

DSCN6236 copy

DSCN6238 copy

DSCN6241 copy

DSCN6242 copy

DSCN6246 copy

DSCN6249 copy

DSCN6250 copy

DSCN6251 copy

DSCN6253 copy

DSCN6254 copy

DSCN6255 copy

DSCN6257 copy

DSCN6259 copy

DSCN6261 copy

DSCN6262 copy

DSCN6263 copy

DSCN6264 copy

DSCN6265 copy

DSCN6266 copy

DSCN6267 copy


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    1. Thanks, Sandra. Although it was a little chilly, the weather only complemented the beauty of the place. It was an excellent trip, and I’m glad you enjoyed the photos and thanks for commenting! I hope all is well there and you are having a good new year!

    1. THANKS! I actually want to go back and explore some of the little towns nearby. One in particular, Segorbe, has a lot of history and seems really cool. I met someone last night from Segorbe, and he said that it is worth visiting! xxoo

    1. Thanks, Stephen! I need to go back and explore more of the area, too! Glad you liked the post!

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