January 27

Day Trip: Brides Can’t Jump


This past weekend, I joined a group going to Montanejos for the day. I’ll admit, it was an impulsive thing to decide to do. Meeting my friend Angela for her birthday in a crowd of expats, and then, and fueled by beer and wine in a restaurant the size of a postage stamp, there was suddenly a sign up sheet for a day-long excursion to a nearby town. Gentle reader, bars are typically poor places to make choices that involve spending an entire day with (mostly) strangers and doing something new. However, on this particular event, it was a solid win!

I am somewhat fascinated by the interest generated by outdoor events here in Spain. There are so many opportunities to leave the house, do something different, and explore new places that it can be difficult to pick just one. There really is that much to see and experience here. Whether it’s an opportunity to visit a museum tucked into a nearby street or leave the city altogether to have a day of hiking, then Spain really is an excellent place to fill your calendar!

The first stop on the trip was Salto de la Novia, or Bride’s Jump, in the tiny town of Navajas. It beats me how these traditions get started, but here goes: Once upon a time, the villagers of Navajas decided that brides had to jump over the Palancia River in order to ensure a happy, fertile marriage. Seriously, in this ridiculously rocky and hilly terrain, such a tradition is clearly not a good idea. One bride-to-be slipped and fell into the river. Her fiancé, apparently having the more relaxed part of the tradition in playing the cheerleader, was suddenly called into action. Both members of the couple drowned, leaving behind the legend of the Bride’s Jump waterfall, and, apparently, a tragically uneaten wedding cake.

Regardless of the origins of the story, the waterfall is quite lovely and there are many places to enjoy the views from surrounding hills and trails.

DSCN6221 copy

DSCN6216 copy

DSCN6214 copy

DSCN6212 copy

DSCN6205 copy

DSCN6209 copy

DSCN6211 copy

DSCN6204 copy

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    1. It was a great day… but wait until you see the photos from Montanejos in my next blog post! 🙂

  1. A harsh tradition, to be sure, but a great way to quickly weed out inferior athletic genes.

    What? Too soon?

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures, Chris! Thanks for sharing! And what a story to go along with it! I’m so glad you’re out exploring all of the cool places Spain has to offer! XXXOOO

    1. I found a site with a different beautiful place to visit in every province in Spain… I kind of want to see all of them! 🙂

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