I’m not afraid to admit that I am afraid, but there are some things that have emerged as a surprise and a joy over the last few months. First, I AM learning some Spanish. I’ll make no bones about it – the Fluenz product is outstanding as a learning resource. The company is great, too, and very responsive. I had previously purchased the product for Latin American Spanish, and when they rolled out a Spaniard version, I was able to swap my disks for free. Awesome.

I am also looking into teaching online for my school district… getting back to my Environmental Science roots. Since I still have my science certification, I might as well use it by teaching an online class with our campus. The benefit with this is experience teaching a formal online course with the most recent technology. I have developed online courses in the past, and taught using older technology, but I thought that learning how to teach with a new suite of tools would be to my benefit.

Another bonus opportunity may be coming as I look into updating and teaching a course about using one of the collaborative tools in our district. I’m not sure what that means yet, but every penny helps!

On the home front, I am coming around to embrace minimalism. I have been trapped in a cycle of inactivity around my “stuff” lately, and a recent jolt to my system has encouraged me to start eliminating those things that are not sustaining me. It’s a weird feeling, and sometimes quite painful, but the outcome of getting rid of those things that I have kept for years without ever using or really needing has already been gratifying! I think a garage sale is in my future, followed by a pickup through one of the local charities in my community.

The fear can wait until I have a reason to be afraid.