May 19

Vote of Confidence


Earlier today, I had lunch with a dear friend and mentor who noted that I was “comfortable with the ambiguity” of the situation, meaning all the details involved in planning for such a drastic change. I am sure that I will become less comfortable as the time to move comes clearer, but, for now, the situation is flexible and emerging..

I am always surprised that people do not flinch when I tell them I am leaving the country in a couple of years. Instead, I have found that support comes from unexpected quarters as others relate experiences that may help me make this transition easier.

A. They think I am suffering a delusional dream –


B. Think I will be able to follow through on this adventure.

Either way, I appreciate the support, nods of encouragement, and advice. By sharing my dream in conversations, actions, and posts such as these, I am making my dream a reality in small, bite-sized chunks. Looking at a drastic transition is a bit like looking at a cliff, but when approached from the opposite side, the cliff is connected to a gradual, sloping hill. Regardless of my friends’ perceptions, I believe in option B, and that’s the only affirmation that I need to reach my goal.


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