June 15

Valencia summer has arrived!


Summer has arrived here with a big bang, bringing lots of sun, time outdoors, festivals, and opportunities to enjoy what Valencia has to offer. After a month of guests, my apartment feels kind of empty, so I have been spending time outdoors when I can. I have also had a couple of projects to keep me busy, which has been wonderful, too. As a result, my time at the computer has been limited to work, and I have been going for long walks whenever I can and the weather permits.

Having houseguests has been a really nice way to stay connected to several people who are very dear to me, so thanks to Kris and Mark for extending your vacations to visit my new city! My youngest daughter, Lily, also treated me to two weeks of her time and we had a blast!

So, on with the posts, eh?

DSCN7751 copy


la playa, Malvarosa, patatas bravas, restaurant, Sangria, summer, tapas, verano

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