According to my original plans, I was supposed to be leaving today for Valencia. However, with my visa still pending, I am still gladly at home. Instead of being a bit angry or bitter, I have decided to take advantage of the extra six weeks with a sense of excitement.

By not going, I am able to spend more time with close friends, help usher a dear pet out of this life, get a chance to spend time with family, celebrate a few extra birthdays, cook a few new recipes, and learn a little more Spanish. Timing is said to be everything, but I know a secret: accepting the timing that I cannot control is a key to appreciating the time we have.

Above all, this is really making me excited for what comes next. I recognize that this is simply a holding pattern, and at least I’m allowed to use the bathroom and keep my tray table down and seat as reclined as possible.

Who can complain about that?