Yesterday was a travel day. If you are not a person who travels long-distance by plane, then you miss the joy of flying for a number of hours, navigating through airports, eating airport food (some good, some bad), being in close quarters with strangers, and being confused about where to go next.

To me, traveling that way is only possible if I focus on the end goal, which is seeing some of my dearest friends and experiencing new adventures. I left Sunday afternoon for New York’s JFK airport, which connected me to the plane to Paris, France. It was an uneventful ride, and I watched three movies to pass the six and a half hours I was on the plane. The first, Bridesmaids, was pretty funny, and a nice way to start the trip. The other two (Hansel & Gretel and Dark Shadows) were more time-killer and mindless entertainment than anything else.

Upon arriving in Paris, I needed to wait for my friends who would be arriving four hours later. I found out that they would be arriving in Terminal 1, which was several terminals away from my arrival terminal. In Charles de Gaulle airport, such a dilemma is only rectified by a really long walk and a tram ride. And a cup of coffee, a croissant, and three hours of reading to pass the time.

After my friends arrived, we went to the house that we had rented, and we all took a nap after we got settled in. I’ll send more pictures of this place, but it’s quite lovely! We went out to find a grocery store and a restaurant, and ended up driving to Versaille and eating at Chez Lazarre, a nice little place. Here’s my review on Yelp. However, we got there as the restaurant was closing, and the staff was an interesting collage of restaurant workers. The food, however, was delicious! You can see how much was left!

P.S. Gentle readers, if you thing that this blog is anything BUT stuff about my trip to Spain, then you are largely right… right now. Trust me, we’ll get to the Spain stuff really soon. I just have to get there.

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