While my last post was all about gazpacho, gentle readers, this one is about a product that I recommend testing. If you like tomatoes in any form, raw, cooked, canned, ketchup… then you might want to try this: tomato mmarmalade

While this is a bit of a specialty item in the states (e.g. ridiculously priced so that only high-class caterers use it regularly), the grocery store around the corner carries a generic version. Well, last week, I gathered my courage and bought a jar, then used it on some whole grain baguette toast for breakfast.

Upon opening the jar, the first thing I noticed was the smell of tomato juice and ripe tomatoes, which was very appealing. (Although I have to say that I once got food poisoning from tomato juice just before a transatlantic flight from Zürich to Chicago, and while I still like tomato juice, I also think twice before drinking it!) The texture is similar to orange marmalade, with plenty of chunks and tomato bits thrown in for good measure.

The flavor was very satisfying. While not as sweet as many jams, the overall sensation was complementary to whole-grain toast and I could see the marmalade being an addition to savory dishes as well. I’m glad I chose to try it!

DSCN5536 copy


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