In contemplating a move to another country, I am learning to rethink my life in a number of categories. Quite interesting, considering the many consumer-focused steps I have taken in the past to build a life and a home. How do you go about shedding these “things” that you see as part of your external being… things like pictures, furniture, extra pillows, and artifacts of your past? I think that this is the most intensely personal introspection that I have attempted in a while, because the only person who can answer those questions is me.

With that said, here are the categories of interest for the next 24 or so months:

Personal – how will I maintain those relationships that are important to me?

  • Relationships with my daughters
  • Relationships  with my family
  • Relationships with my friends

Health – how will I continue the trend to be a healthy mind in a healthy body?

  • What physical activities will I need to be able to complete?
  • What support network will I need to establish to prevent myself from choosing to be alone too much?
  • How will I create and maintain a healthy eating and exercise plan?

Financial – how will I get my finances in order to make this move a possibility?

  • How will I save enough money to make this move possible?
  • How will I manage my US business from a distance?
  • How can I create a defined sense of balance between work and free time?
  • How will I find a sufficient job in Valencia?
  • How will I leave my job in the US?

Language – how will I learn Spanish well enough to communicate and succeed in a new culture and environment?

  • How often will I work on Spanish language development?
  • What goals will I place for myself for language studies?
  • How will I practice my skills in the US?

Education – how will I complete my education and move forward to a new profession in Spain?

  • What will I do with my Leadership and Organizational Change degree?
  • What will my next book encompass?
  • Who will help me move to the next step of my success?

Clearly, there is a great deal to consider. Looking at it now, I am feeling somewhat apprehensive, but I know that perseverance is the best method for succeeding!