As I spend time researching leadership and trust models for my degree program, I am surrounded by many reminders of the family and friends who are part of my social network. One of the highlights was spending time with my daughter (+dogs) after she finished her last exam for this semester. Although I (eventually) passed Organic Chemistry, it was not one of my favorite subjects to take, either.

I attended an event associated with a renewal movement in my Church, and that was great. There are so many people that I want to emulate in that group — true leaders — who are my friends.

My oldest daughter and I shared a delightful phone call about her current activities in both her day-to-day work and her performance opportunities. My youngest daughter was helping out with a performance festival at her school, and I was sad that I missed seeing her or speaking with her. I was lucky enough to see her last week after she sang in a concert.

This morning, I called my mom for Mother’s Day, and enjoyed chatting with her. I really love that I am this close to my parents, and I am so thankful that we get to spend time together. We’ll have to cook up some other way of communicating once I move to Spain.

To cap the weekend off, Michael and I cleaned my house this morning. The man can clean like none other, and I am SO grateful for his help.

These things all feed my soul. How can I take the best of them with me when I move? With all of the research I am consuming on technology-mediated communication, I am sure something will emerge!