July 28

Someone Hand Me a Crêpe!


Food plays a huge role in the life of Paris, and there are many places to eat and enjoy a meal. If you have my blog posts, you know that food and culture are very interesting to me. As a vegetarian, I sometimes score a win, and sometimes I am served something… well, less.

Below are a few dishes from a meal in Montmartre and a river tour cruise sponsored by the university holding the residency. The first is a crêpe du fromages, or cheese crepe. Very fresh, and quite tasty. After walking around Montmartre (more pics of that shortly!) I was definitely ready for a meal.


This was a cold vegetable soup with a couple of almonds and some blanched vegetables submerged beneath. The main dish consisted of braised vegetables over a deliciously-seasoned buckwheat, followed by a dessert that was a soft sponge-based rectangle of a chocolate and fresh mint-flavored confection.



DSCN1926 DSCN1928 DSCN1931



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