December 13

Quiet Saturday


Since I live alone, I have the luxury of doing chores whenever I want to schedule them. For me, that means that I do my laundry on Friday or Saturday nights, and thenI get to go out first thing on Saturday or Sunday morning to take my clothes to the nearby self-service laundromat. I have a washer in my apartment, so I only have to dry things, and then I can come home, put my laundry away, and have the rest of the day for other adventures. Plus, the laundromat is right next to the grocery store, and across the street from a small croissantería that serves a spinach empanadilla without tuna mixed into the spinach. Seriously.

That means I can dry my laundry, pick up a few things at the grocery, and grab a bite to eat, all before I have to take my laundry back home.

This past Saturday, however, was the day after Constitution Day, which was a holiday in the region. The morning was exceptionally quiet and still, and I didn’t see many people on my trek to the laundromat. Perfect for a few pictures of the neighborhood. The roads in the few pictures below are the back streets around my building, which is the easiest way to the get to the supermarket.

DSCN2502 DSCN2507 DSCN2506 DSCN2505 DSCN2504 DSCN2503


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