When a friend suggested a quick overnight trip to the town of Alpuente, I was excited to visit a new region and see other nearby parts of Spain. Originally a Moorish settlement (noted by the “Al” in front of the name of the place), Alpuente is a beautiful place dominated by a castle fortification, now in ruins, at the top of the peak in the city. Where we stayed overnight, however, was in a nearby village called “Campo de Arriba,” where a mutual friend owned a home.

Now, if you know a little Spanish, it won’t take long to figure out that “Alpuente” means “the point” and “Campo de Arriba” means the “upper country.” Both are beautiful places surrounded by the arid Spanish countryside, stunning in their juxtaposition of both old and new buildings, both traditional and modern. The day was perfect for clear photography, and sunny and bright, with great visibility to the nearby snow-covered mountains.

Below are some of the pictures of the towns of Campo de Arriba. In my next post, you will see some photos from Alpuente.

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