January 31

Orange Breeze


This morning, upon leaving the local gym after an invigorating workout, I turned the corner and was struck by an intense smell of oranges. “Welcome to Valencia!” my nose exclaimed. After all, there are days that I am convinced that Valencia is to the citrus world what tortilla chips are to salsa and guacamole… a handy way to eat something delicious.

The orange trees here are in full fruit, and occasionally become projectiles when struck by cars, kicked by kids, or, perhaps, thrown from a passerby. Gentle reader, lest you think I live in a land of ruffians, I have yet to see an orange thrown here in this fair city. However, they are a hazard, and can even dent the cars parked beneath them when high winds sweep the city.

Today, a crew of workers was culling the fruit and the longer branches from the trees in my neighborhood. The smell was both intense and delicious!

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    1. This past weekend, I had some incredible tangerines, and can’t wait to go shopping for more fruit today or tomorrow!

  1. Hi Christopher – I can smell that wonderful aroma from my desk at the ISC! Can anyone just pick an orange from one of those trees lining the streets? It would be so tempting.

    1. Well, @Kathy and @Elizabeth, the short answer is no. The oranges are quite sour, but keep an eye out for a future post when I talk about a trip to Alpuente, where I have much more to say about oranges and olives…

  2. I’m with Kathy, can you just pick up an orange from the street or a tree and eat it?

  3. Hey Chris, I saw another Theresa post and couldn’t remember if it was me. Sitting in my office, I can smell the oranges. Thanks for taking me away..even if only for a few minutes.

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