My bags were packed. My clothes were ready. My packages were mailed. Time for one last night in Valencia before embarking on the 12-hour trek home. It was a cool, clear night, and I wanted to see some new things. My friend Cristian came to the rescue with a very pleasant (albeit picture-free) evening of walking, talking, and eating.

Since it was only 8:00, it was too early to eat dinner, so we went somewhere to have a snack: 100montaditos. What French fries did for potatoes, this place is doing for tapas, and with an awesome Spanish flair. Every Wednesday, the vast majority of their products are only 1€ each, and, since it was Wednesday night, the place was a zoo. The food was fresh, the crowd was pleasant, and the people-watching was superb.

The majority of their food is “pipas,” or really small bite-sized sandwiches filled with cheese, meat, or other things that I would not expect. Yeah, scroll down on that menu. If you want to see a little more of the restaurant’s culture, check this out. (It’s a Christmas video, but you can see that they like to laugh.) The outtakes at the end are pretty good.

After a little more strolling through the city, we settled on La Pappardella, an Italian restaurant that I had passed while walking through the Carmen district. Unlike 100 Montaditos, La Pappardella was an oasis of calm. We sat upstairs in the restaurant, and enjoyed the opportunity to talk and share delicious food. When I arrived back at my temporary home, I was satisfied that the night had been well-spent.