Ideally, working on my PhD would be a weekly habit that requires a little discipline every day over a long period of time. Deadlines would be met, smiles would be flashed, and, before you know it, my program is done and I have a shiny new degree.

Not hardly.

As a creator, I seem to work in bursts. I think my writing has quality, but it is not always written in the most leisurely of moments. Why is it so hard to cudgel my brain into creating a new habit that has tremendous value on the end but is a bit of drudgery in the middle?

Here’s the surprising thing: I absolutely LOVE learning. I find the work I am doing is fascinating to me, and I am enjoying every minute of it. When I get home from work, however, it appears that I can’t force myself to make it to my desk for some productive writing. The only deadlines are the ones that I have imposed on myself… which may be part of the problem. I may need to work with some friends to build a more effective accountability group.

Reaching my goals requires that I stay on track… so wish me luck!