The biggest event in Teruel is an amazing medieval fair surrounding an amazing, and perhaps fictitious, story of a tragic love match. (More on that in my next post, I promise.) To compare this to any paltry medieval fair is a slander to this incredible event, where busloads of tourists, all in costume, arrive to join in the party. In fact, this is insane. But in a good, wholesome, family-friendly, lotsa-meat-and-beer, five-day-extravaganza sort of way.

The whole town is in costume. The tourists are in costume. The kids are costume. The babies are in costume. The dogs are in costume. Gentle reader, should you attend, feel free to wear a costume, too. I believe my pictures below give you an idea of the epic nature of this incredible event. Additionally, this was a 24-hour endeavor from Thursday to Sunday afternoon, when everyone goes home exhausted and smelling a bit like smoke from the unavoidable barbecue pits.

The stalls are amazing and unusual. Need to buy a sword, a miscellanous chunk of pork product, a uniquely crafted platter, a bow and arrow, an artisan cheese larger than your head,  a beer tankard shaped like a cow horn, or a crown fit for a passing royalty opportunity? You would be smart to do your shopping here!

The crowd was very friendly, though, and the whole event is filled with plenty to see, even if you did go home smelling like a barbecue.

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