Some time ago, when I started this blog to help me stay on track as I prepared to move to Spain, one of the key ingredients was the pursuit of minimalism. It took some time, a garage sale, a major overhaul of some personal belongings, but yesterday, I sold the biggest financial commitment in my life: my house.

For the last month, I have been hyper-focusing on the process of selling the home that I have lived in for the last 10 years. When I listed the house, I had an offer in 8 days for 95% of my asking price… and closing was in less than a month. I had repairs to complete, and decided to hire someone to hold an estate sale for me. I moved in with Michael, and only took the essentials… a bedroom, a desk, books that are required for my PhD, and while it seemed endless, a few other things. There was just a boatload of odds and ends that I needed to bring along. I know I still brought too much, but that is okay. I am still getting rid of things that no longer have the value that they once did in my life.

There were some unexpected benefits as well: I got to spend the day with two very dear friends that were kind enough to help, and my oldest daughter, who showed up to help out and ended up staying the remainder of the day. Overall, it was a splendid event.

The end result: One major step forward. I am so excited to have that concern solved.