In this current life, I am finding that kind people are everywhere. I am also finding that such experiences are the key drivers for me to say silly things like, “I might want to live there someday.” Such was the case with Lexington, KY.

Visiting on business, I was pleased with what I saw. Lexington sports a modest-but-modern airport, a sense of outdoor value, and a host of courteous residents. I have to say that the airport experiences were so pleasant, I could almost overlook going through security in Atlanta. It was civilized and humane, not the aggressive rushing of people and things through various security tunnels. From the airport to my hotel, I was treated to a beautiful view of fields, greenways, trees, and open spaces. Yes, I know that horses are of great value in Lexington, but the amount of green-space in the city was delightful to see and experience. Even the downtown area was a reasonable size to allow for modern variety without the angry traffic.

It was the people, though, that sold me. People in Lexington were polite and friendly, and willing to enter into a conversation. I visited a department store, a grocery store, and a couple of other stores, and was charmed by the attitude and offerings of each. In the work meetings, conversations with others were warm and genial, full of sharing and engaging smiles. The last time I felt that way, I decided to move to another country!

In downtown Lexington, I ate at a delightful health-food co-op that served up a more holistic fare than most restaurants, and enjoyed a lunch at a Middle Eastern restaurant that was fresh and delicious. I also ate my first “hot brown,” a concoction of bread, vegetables, and cheese. The venue, Ramsey’s Diner (the one on E. High Street) was a twisty little restaurant with tables in nooks and small rooms. Upon discovering I was a vegetarian, the waitress suggested the vegetable plate or the vegetable hot brown. Actually, she said that is what she would eat if given the choice. Ordering it, and enjoying every bite, was a no-brainer! My dinner companions ordered a sugar-free pie, which looked amazing. I would definitely like to try some other menu items!

So, gentle readers, perhaps Lexington is somewhere that interests me for future study. I can think of many reasons why Lexington may be a perfect place for me to retire. However, I am not sure I will wait that long… but Spain comes first!