Twice a year, there is an event here called “ShOPENING Night,” and it’s meant to be a sort of fashion and shopping night in the fashion district here in town. I attended the previous one in early December. Alas, I did not have my camera for the last event… and this time, I was prepared! Unfortunately,

the evening was also the first night of the World Cup soccer tournament (Brazil: 3, Croatia: 1) and most people were at home or in bars focused on the game.

The crowd was not too intense, and while there was a great deal of shopping going on, there was not the same level of energy on the streets as in December. Some excellent bands were playing in front of stores, some stores were packed with people, and the result was a pleasant evening activity. Special bars and DJs kept the crowd energized (note the DJ booth/Red Bull truck below and the DJ in the storefront), while a number of restaurants and other vendors were also open for later hours.

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Saw this guy hanging off a wall… the picture turned out a little strange with the flash, but I quite like the effect!DSCN5205 copy