May 18

Intense Heat and Wind in Valencia: What It’s Like to be in a Clothes Dryer


The weather here has been spectacular, with cool evenings and warm days full of sunshine. Then, suddenly and quite shockingly, the temperature sort of burped. For one day, the weather was blisteringly hot, reaching 108F and staying that warm until later in the evening (think 9:00PM, which is about when the sun goes down). Thankfully, it was not very humid, and it was not too bad for the most part. In the shade, it was bearable. In the sun, it was ridiculously warm and intense.

However, as you have seen in previous posts, the weather receives its fair share of jibes and jokes, and here are a few that emerged as people tried to deal with the hot weather through humor. Combine that with a little political humor, and we are off and running!

One degree more in this heat and I am going to go from a bombon to hot chocolate.



Where exactly is Valencia, now?


I fell asleep in Patacona (implying that he fell asleep on the beach… Patacona is one of the beach areas near here).


You all are going to die…. where the temperature is usually listed.



So, the mayor of Valencia (see this post to learn more about her shenanigans) opened up the Fallas this year with a speech that made her look ridiculous. Even though she has been the mayor of Valencia for over 20 years, she does not speak Valenciano, which is a bit of a slap in the face to her constituents. This year, during La Cridá and after way too many gin and tonics, she kept referring to “el caloret,” which is a word that does not exist. She was trying to talk about the handsome men that personified Las Fallas… and ended up creating a word that made her look like an idiot. One commenter said it clearly: “Rita borracha no puede hablar ni valenciano ni castellano (Drunk Rita can’t speak Valenciano or Spanish.”)

The internet and most of Valencia had a field day on that one. Someone even created a pretty funny remix, and you can clearly see the woman and young lady standing next to her on the right knew that she was flubbing it up. Look up “caloret valencia” online and look for images to see more along these lines of political sarcasm.

So, onto current times. With the hot weather, someone felt that the time was right to describe the temperature in terms of the weather. (Gentle reader, I hope that the joke exposition was not TOO difficult to follow!)



Th Lord of the Rings was not exempt. “Frodo, you have to throw the ring [in the fire] in Mordor… or Valencia.”


This is the highway on the way to Valencia…




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