Gentle readers, I am sitting here with ridiculous bed-hair after a ridiculously long day traveling to not-so-ridiculous Valencia. I’m here for a number of reasons, but one of my main goals is to establish some parameters around where I am going to live and when will be the right time to make the move.

I am SO glad I am an optimist. It really saves me from a lot of stress that I could experience otherwise. Consider, then, this saga: Yesterday, I arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris at about 8:30. Now, having been to CDG in the past, I know that this airport can be considerable challenge. I know that, after walking a rapid pace for 30 minutes to get to my connecting flight, my luggage would probably not have been walking quite so briskly. It was lovely seeing some snow on the ground in person, and not just the news or pictures that Michael sent me while he was driving through the blizzard in Ohio.

So, as you may have guessed, my luggage did not, in fact, walk very briskly, and my arrival in Valencia was punctuated with a few minutes at the “lost luggage” window. It happens, and I will expect the same from my luggage when I arrive back in the US.

Thankfully, a little last-minute packing rearrangement meant that I had a pair of jeans and a couple of clean undershirts already in my bag that I carried on the plane. Optimism wins again!

Next on the agenda (after a shower, a nap, and a change of clothes) was food. That little “breakfast” that I ate on the flight to Paris was long gone, and so I was really hungry. I knew that there was a grocery store nearby in a large mall, so I headed in that direction. In addition to finding the supermarket, I also found a bunch of older adults looking down a stairwell where music was bubbling up. When I saw what was happening, well, I wanted to get closer!

In the mall, in the “kiddie play area,” was an impromptu dance competition/exhibition/learning event. I couldn’t tell you which because I was too hungry to spend a great deal of time watching, and needed to get my shopping done. When I left, even more people were watching and dancing.

Final score: Charles de Gaulle: 1 suitcase; Christopher: 1 extra set of clothes; Valencia: 1 dance thingie. We’re all even, and I need to fix my bed-hair.

The following photos are from my phone (so don’t give me crap about the images!), and show Atlanta (it was a huge plane and a full flight), a little snow in Paris as I dashed to my next gate, and the dance thingie in the mall in Valencia.

I think that sign on the window means that if you’re in a wheelchair, they will poke you in the eye, paint half of your face white and half blue, and stick a Q-Tip in your ear.