November 14

I am an Arrendatario


What, you ask, is that? Well, gentle reader, check out my new place in Valencia, where I am an arrendatario, or renter! After my experience with the visa, I was prepared for the worst, but what actually happened

was surprising serene. I was pleased when the contracting was a relatively short and painless process… Whew!

See below for realtor pix. Better ones may be provided if I get internet service in a timely manner!

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    1. I know! All I have to do is figure out Internet and technology connections, and I will be good to go!!

  1. Really pretty, Christopher! Is that a full-size oven I see? And a washing machine?? I can’t wait to see your pictures. Happy settling in! Miss you …. e

  2. I am so impressed Christopher! The apartment is so modern and complete! It looks wonderful. Now get those dishes/sheets/and personal items out and make it your home! Can’t wait to visit. hey-so what is close to walk to? That’s the real question!

    1. Thanks! I am slowly, but surely, getting everything accomplished. This has been an interesting exercise in many disciplines, especially that of “poco a poco”, or little by little. It’s going to happen, but it will not be on my timetable all the time. To have an apartment, my luggage, friends, a visa, and residency approval in Valencia is a major tour de force in anyone’s book!

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