December 31

Happy New Year 2016!


To all of my friends around the world, I wish you the very best 2016! May this year be filled with happy memories and new opportunities and adventures!



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After 6 years

More adventures upcoming!

More adventures upcoming!
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  1. Happy New Year Chris! Savor those “bad things” along with the good, so you’ll have something to look back on when you return here to Valencia. Speaking of which, it’s all good in Valencia 🙂

    1. Okay, now you are making me jealous! Chimi, I look forward to sharing my adventures with you sometime soon… hopefully in person!

  2. Feliz Año Nuevo!!! I really enjoyed your posts from Valencia- I arrived here in Atlanta area the end of June – and sadly NO Café Valor aquí…

    1. Jennifer, muchas gracias! Yeah, no Café Valor, and I strangely miss my local Mercadona. I’m so glad you enjoyed my blog, and I hope the next round of blogs will be just as engaging! Stay tuned, amiga!

  3. Happy New Year, Christopher! Welcome back to the states. So happy to hear from you again. I enjoyed your blog about your experiences in the Airports. Hilarious! Looking forward to reading more!

    Best regards,

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