My friend Angela turned me onto a Feria de Tapas about five blocks from my flat that is part of an annual degustation event. She works later in the evening, so I was able to join her after work for an hour or so. As you can see, the crowd is quite intense, and it was hard to find a place to stand and taste the things that you selected. Various restaurants had booths, and the food at hand was varied.

From paella to sausage, pizza to pastries, the evening air was filled with flavors and excitement. I know that Benimaclet has a sort of Bohemian flair, but the people attending the event were everything from older folks to younger hippies, with everything in between. Sadly, the lighting made pictures difficult to get, because the crowd’s motion meant that it was difficult to get clear shots.

The beer and wine booths were a nonstop flurry of activities, and most of the food booths were packed with attendees, too. In this case, you buy a pack of tickets and then use a ticket per drink or tapa. I had some vegetable croquettes that were quite good and finished them off with French toast that had been soaked in horchata. Gentle reader, horchata deserves a post of its own, but for now, know that horchata is a (usually) sweetened milk-like drink that is kind of like American chocolate milk, except with a different flavor.

Regardless, enjoy the pictures!

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