Today is exactly six weeks from when I submitted my visa paperwork. I have a little less than four weeks before my scheduled departure. I’m trying really hard not to flip out because I only have a few weeks left before I leave. Gentle reader, before you think that a platitude will help me calm down a little, the reality is that I have said most of them to myself. Several times. However, a move of this magnitude really has me on the edge of my seat. I’m sure the freak-out sensation will still be here until the move is actually made (and probably well beyond my arrival in Spain!) and I have to learn to be comfortable with that sensation.

On the plus side, things are moving along quite nicely. Although I haven’t started packing things yet, I am getting my “affairs in order,” which really means I am thinking about the details in a way that is much more concrete than before. I’m happy to say that I have already made some good headway, and think I am as prepared as I can be at this point.

Additionally, my current life is giving me more time to work on school-related projects. Even with everything spinning on a whirlwind speed, I am finding time to read and write, which helps me maintain my cool. At work, a number of different tasks have been delegated to my colleagues, but the reality is that when I am gone, the jobs will still get done well.

In the meantime, I am learning to live with a little more chaos than I typically enjoy. There are worse prices to pay!