Four months from today, I will arrive in Valencia to live. Most of the work I have done to this point has been gentle maneuvering of my environment, but now planning has to be in earnest.

I have spoken with my work folks, and trying to get all of my ducks in a row to quit in late August or early September, with specific attention to retirement planning, benefits management, and other work-related human resources stuff.

I finished up my phone contract, paid off my car, sold my house, sold most of my stuff, and minimized the amount I am spending each month. Every penny I can put in savings, I am putting in savings!

I have developed a tentative budget so I have some references when I arrive in Valencia. I know there are going to be up-front costs, so that’s where savings comes in!

I have talked to my potential employer, and should be working with them shortly after I finish working in the States.

What I still need to do is a daunting task!

  • Reconsider bank accounts and money distribution
  • Explore shipping options (although this one is currently winning the race:
  • Decide what I am going to take, what I am going to leave, what I am going to sell, and what I am going to discard
  • Identify health, life, and other insurance needs
  • Make any will modifications if necessary
  • Finish my last paper for my PhD prior to entering the dissertation process

None of these are simple or one-step tasks, but I have a clear understanding of what I have to do for the short term!