So, in the sense that the things that take the longest should be the first things that I consider when making plans to move to Spain, I thought I would tell you a little about my language plans.

I’m not a language Luddite, and I already speak (well, okay, read) a fair amount of French. I pick up vocabulary well, due to an extensive biological background and previous language studies. I understand a large span of cognates in the Romance languages. However, I think being able to speak and write Spanish in past and future tenses might be just a teensy bit helpful.

So, being an educator, I did a fair amount of research on the different methods for teaching learning, and decided to mix some grammar and vocabulary building resources with parallel books that have Spanish on one page and English translations on the facing page. That method is excellent for building vocabulary AND grammar.

I also decided that I would start saving up for language software, and found that there are two major competitors in this world, Rosetta Stone and Fluenz. After reading review after review, considering my own learning styles, and evaluating prices, I decided to go with Fluenz. As in a classroom, lessons are taught in an engaging manner, and instruction is accompanied by a number of exercises to reinforce the grammar and vocabulary learning. As the largest purchase I have made toward my move so far, I am pleased with the value I have received.

Let’s see what I learn next!