March 23

Fallas 2015: La Ofrenda

Gentle readers, I posted a little last year on la ofrenda, where the communities, towns, and villages throughout the Valencian Community come to the city to pay homage to the Virgin Mary here in Valencia. The processions last for hours and cover wide swaths of the city, and beautifully dressed falleras and falleros join the procession after arriving in the city on buses or from their more local neighborhoods. Each typically has a banner, a flower display, and numerous bouquets to leave in the Plaza de la Virgen, and are often accompanied by a small walking band.

To be honest, I did not realize the incredible effort made by the groups, but I hope you can tell by the pictures the sheer size of the procession. It is not a quick event, and certainly not one that can be witnessed in its entirety, as it takes two days, begins in the afternoon, and continues well into the night. To complicate matters further, the weather this year was cold and windy (and occasionally rainy), making the procession anything but comfortable for the folks in ridiculously expensive clothes and probably equally expensive shoes. And, as my daughters have informed me, fashion does not equal comfort, which explains the pained looks and hobbling gait of many of the falleras after the procession.

Regardless, this is a true labor of love for the folks involved and a spectacle worth seeing. Falleras are carrying flowers that are part of a huge exposition in the Plaza de la Virgen.

Oh, gentle reader, it does bear mentioning that the overcast, gloomy weather often leads to overcast, gloomy pictures on my camera. The poor thing is truly doing its best to capture good images, but low lighting just isn’t its strength. Please forgive the lighting… I did what I could!

DSCN6903 copy

DSCN6904 copy

DSCN6905 copy

DSCN6906 copy

DSCN6907 copy

DSCN6908 copy

DSCN6909 copy

DSCN6910 copy

DSCN6911 copy

DSCN6912 copy

DSCN6913 copy

DSCN6914 copy

DSCN6918 copy

DSCN6920 copy

DSCN6921 copy

DSCN6922 copy

DSCN6923 copy

DSCN6924 copy

DSCN6925 copy

A tidal wave of falleros!


DSCN6926 copy

DSCN6931 copy

DSCN6932 copy

DSCN6935 copy

DSCN6936 copy

DSCN6937 copy

DSCN6938 copy

DSCN6940 copy

DSCN6966 copy

DSCN6974 copy

DSCN6977 copy

DSCN6978 copy

DSCN6979 copy

DSCN6981 copy

DSCN6982 copy


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  1. Hi!!! Glad to know you enjoyed Valencia and its culture! I’ve been a fallera for almost 15 years and it’s always nice to see that those who visit us are so amazed and curious about our fiesta 🙂

    I recently wrote a post on my blog about all the textile heritage surrounding the falleras and falleros costumes which are mainly made out of silk fabrics. I think you might like it:

    See ya!

    1. Hi, Amanda! Your comment is appreciated… I sometimes feel that I make so many mistakes from not being an “insider” on many of the cultural events that I captured on my blog. Thank you for your input, and thanks for sharing your ideas on your blog post. Amazing! Saludos, Christopher

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