After having been in the States for a week, Michael and I decided to visit some friends who live in Mobile, Alabama. Having lived in Mobile for a number of years, Kevin and (another) Michael, our hosts, treated us like royalty for the two days we were there.

On Saturday, we saw several parades. The first was a parade for younger viewers, but there were plenty of adults. After a nap, we headed back out for evening parades. I did not have my camera for the evening shots. Those are courtesy of Michael Underwood.

An interesting cultural note: Mobile Mardi Gras parades toss out Moon Pies, originally a graham-cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate confection, kind of like a ready-made s’more. However, these little goodies are excellent for tossing into crowds of parade watchers, and I was “moon pied” several times, a couple of times at a high velocity. I guess that is the price I paid for being right next to the parade.