Sorry, readers, this is a text-only post.

Great service is very powerful, and we found this out after getting to our seats on our flight home. The flight attendant, Deborah, whom we had met on the outbound flight, was also serving the return flight to the US. Not only did she greet us warmly and ask us about our trip to Valencia, she remembered that our birthdays occurred during our vacation and brought us champagne. Wow! I don’t think I could remember my own name after seeing as many people as she does per week, and I have already sent a message to Delta complimenting her care of us during the flight.

The flight back was long, but not as overnight-brutal as the flight into Spain. Instead, my fellow travelers and I were treated to an assortment of movies that were about two hours each. I prefer to read, but when I finished my third (and last) book that I had brought on the flight, I had to resort to watching the screen. I think the person who selected the movies must really like Owen Wilson, because he was in two of the movies. Don’t get me wrong, Owen Wilson is a fine actor, but TWO movies, back to back? I pretended to sleep through the first one, and then actually watched the second one. I may have lost IQ points.

At one point, Michael asked me how much longer the flight would last. When we did the “2 hours per movie” calculation, we both realized that six more hours were in store for us. My strategy was to keep ordering drinks that end with “water” or “rum,” and Michael’s strategy was to listen to a book on my iPod and sleep. Regardless, we both survived 10 hours on the plane, and were very thankful to reach the ground.

If you have never flown internationally into Atlanta, you are in for a real treat. First, you have to get through customs. Then, you have to take your luggage through baggage claim again and recheck it. In theory, it will arrive in general baggage at some point in the future. Third, there’s another security check where your carry-on items, shoes, and dignity are run through yet another scanner. Finally, you have to find your luggage on the right carousel. No, wait! On a different carousel altogether! It’s luggage hunt-and-find!

 Our next step was to board MARTA to get to our car. Apparently, some construction excitement was underway, so instead of being a single straight ride, we had to exit and then reboard a train at one of the transfer stops. I have never been so happy to see my car! Our friend Shelly had very thoughtfully made a dinner for our arrival, and at that point, our trip was officially over.

My next post will be some highlights and final thoughts on the trip.