So, my connections with the American School of Valencia meant that I was able to visit the school while I was on holiday. What an incredible place! The location is sublime, but the people were even better. While I was there, I met with several teams of staff members to help establish strategies around social networking, cyberbullying, and technology plan development.

In the evening, Michael, Kevin, and I went to dinner at restaurant in the touristy part of town. The food was lackluster, but the people-watching was prime. I got panhandled again, but was very insistent with my “no” response… even though the dude kept pushing. Perhaps I just have one of those “try-to-rip-me-off” faces.

The city is building in excitement and fallas are being assembled to the sounds of fireworks and general buzz around town. Schools and businesses have adjusted their hours, and there is more foot traffic in the squares and side-streets. Unbelievable.

More pictures coming, dear readers!