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Castle Hunting Near Carcasonne (Languedoc-Roussillon Region of France)


The Languedoc-Roussillon area in France has been important for many years as a strategic military and trade center due to its relationship to the nearby Aude River. As a result, other small cities emerged nearby to take advantage of the location and resources in Carcasonne. While in the area, we visited a handful of towns to see what they had to offer, and we were not disappointed. The weather was beautiful and the locations on our mini-tour of the area were equally stunning.

Gentle reader, I have to be honest about a few things, too. While everyone wants to visit Paris and the Office du Tourisme et des Congrès de Paris is also thrilled about having people visit, the real charm of France is in the smaller towns. Just as New York does not truly represent America, Paris does not truly represent France or Europe… both are a sort of distilled liqueur of the culture and lifestyle. But if you want an unhurried meal, my friend, then leave the big cities behind and see so much more!

While I can’t really remember the order in which we visited these places, we wandered around some beautiful little towns in Le Pays Cathare (The Cathare Country) in the south of France: Roquefère, Minervois (actually, I think it was Villaneuve-Minervois, because there are about a dozen little towns with Minervois in their names in the region!), Cabrespine (“The Back of the Goat”), and Siran. Each of these towns was unique and different, and definitely a rustic example of what it means to live in rural France.

See what I mean?

This was at a tourist information center right next to a beautiful stream.

DSCN7006 copy

DSCN7008 copy

DSCN7010 copy

DSCN7019 copy

DSCN7032 copy

DSCN7033 copy

There always seemed to be a castle lurking in the distance.

DSCN7040 copy

DSCN7042 copy

This was in the castle of Roquefère, built in the 12th, 17th, and 19th centuries. It’s private property, but amazing to see from the outside!

DSCN7043 copy

Anyone care to build a castle directly on top of a massive stone outcropping? Well, this is what gives Roquefère its name: Iron Rock is a direct translation.

DSCN7044 copy

DSCN7045 copy

DSCN7047 copy

DSCN7048 copy

We walked along some curvy streets and ended up next to this river in a little sitting area that was in full bloom!

DSCN7058 copy

DSCN7059 copy

DSCN7060 copy

DSCN7061 copy


This millstone is older than my country…

DSCN7063 copy

DSCN7079 copy

DSCN7080 copy

DSCN7081 copy

DSCN7094 copy

DSCN7096 copy

DSCN7099 copy

DSCN7100 copy

DSCN7101 copy

DSCN7102 copy

DSCN7103 copy

DSCN7108 copy

DSCN7111 copy

DSCN7112 copy

DSCN7114 copy

DSCN7120 copy

Minervois is an interesting town, and its stone foundations in a valley, along with a river running beside the town, make this a unique place to build a fortress. Now, it’s a unique town that is quite interesting to enjoy.

DSCN7121 copy

DSCN7123 copy

DSCN7124 copy

DSCN7125 copy

DSCN7126 copy

DSCN7129 copy

DSCN7130 copy


This cross is the symbol of the region and can be seen everywhere. Known as the Cathar Cross, Occitan Cross, and the cross of Languedoc, this cross is a rallying symbol from medieval times for the people of the region.

DSCN7131 copy

DSCN7132 copy

DSCN7133 copy

DSCN7134 copy


The river flows through a natural bridge-cave and is an unusual feature of Minervois.

DSCN7135 copy

DSCN7136 copy

DSCN7137 copy



DSCN7070 copy

DSCN7071 copy

DSCN7073 copy

DSCN7075 copy

DSCN7078 copy

DSCN7079 copy

DSCN7080 copy

DSCN7081 copy


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  1. Beautiful region! Did you eat any local cassoulet? I miss it!

    On a personal note: my wife Claire will be in Alicante tomorrow (Friday). She is sailing on Holland America from Rome to Amsterdam. I will be in Brussels from Monday to Saturday of next week. One day, you and I will run into each other in the EU!… Take care.

    1. Oh, Alain, that would be so much fun! No, no cassoulet, but I did get a chance to go to a restaurant that served amazing galettes. Since we were only there for a few nights, our ability to choose gastronomic options were limited. However, I would love to go back and find a restaurant that serves cassoulet the way it should be served… but vegetarian! That may be something of a challenge! 🙂

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