May 30

Breakfast in Viveros Park


About five blocks away from my house, there is a park that used to be part of the Sultan’s garden when the Moors inhabited Valencia. Yes, that was centuries ago, but the palace grounds have been kept up extremely well, with some ruins of the previous structures in one of the corners. This park is a perfect place for outdoor activities, and you can often find people relaxing in the shade with their dogs, sandwiches, or friends. Taking a siesta in a centuries-old garden sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Recently, I had breakfast in the garden at a small snack shop/cafe that is near the entrance close to my apartment. A large number of people were walking in the garden, enjoying the scenery and the sunlight. Breakfast couldn’t have been any more sublime. The funny thing is that this area is only one small portion of the overall grounds. The park is large, and there is plenty to explore, including the ruins of the original palace of the grounds.

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parque real, viveros

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  1. Hi Christopher,
    I am enjoying reading your blog. I don’t usually comment but want you to know I read every one! This place looks great and I am so glad you are living your dream. Tomorrow Lori Young (Cathy Chapman’s sister) is getting married. Doug is doing the ceremony. It will be in Lori’s back yard. Praying for no rain. Love you, Carolyn

    1. Hi, Carolyn, and thanks for the feedback! I hope the wedding goes well and that it is a beautiful day! Love you and miss you! xxoo

  2. Hi Christopher….I know, I know…I got lost in the shuffle. But I have been reading your blog and enjoy it very much. Always enjoyed our phone calls…let me hear from you. I miss hearing your voice and all that is going on. Your experience in Valencia and the surrounding areas sounds absolutely wonderful. So happy that you have followed your dream.

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