January 15

Belén de Botelles


mentioned before that the nativity scene is important here, and many neighborhoods have some local representation of the

scene available for viewinguntil Three Kings Day. There are several that stand out, and the Belén de Botelles is definitely the most… ummmm… unique.

One of the Fallas guilds (more on THAT later!) puts together an amazing room of bottles, mostly from alcoholic beverages (it IS Spain, remember?) that are decorated in the country of origin of the bottles. I have never seen anything like it. The sheer human work-hours of put into drinking all of these liquors, beers, and aperitifs is a staggering thought.

Clearly, somebody was drinking, well, religiously. Heh.

DSCN2781 copy DSCN2782 copy DSCN2783 copy DSCN2784 copy DSCN2785 copy DSCN2786 copy DSCN2787 copy DSCN2788 copy DSCN2789 copy DSCN2790 copy DSCN2791 copy DSCN2792 copy DSCN2793 copy DSCN2794 copy DSCN2799 copy DSCN2800 copy DSCN2816 copyAnd a few shots from the entrance of the Falla Na Jordana guild building:

DSCN2774 copy DSCN2775 copy DSCN2776 copy DSCN2777 copy DSCN2779 copy


Belén, Fallas, Na Jordana

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  1. Isn’t there some saying like “Wherever there are 4 catholics there is a fifth?” Of course I guess that is pretty Americanized. Hmmm I wonder what the saying would be for 750 mL? “Wherever there are 749 Catholics there is a 750?” Loses something in the translation, eh?

  2. I love the taj mahal – how creative! well, I can see myself finding other uses for all the booze bottles besides the recycle bin! Recycling might be overated anyway!

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