Unbelievable. After over three weeks in the United States, I have returned to Spain, and have been busier than I expected since my plane touched down in Valencia. Gentle readers, I apologize for neglecting you! 

The reason for my trip was work, and there was plenty to do! My colleagues and I turned out a fantastic grant application that I am hopeful will help children in the Savannah area with funding supplied by the state. I am so lucky that it happened to be in Georgia, which made it very easy to visit family and friends on the weekends, and along with friends in Statesboro, I had a very full dance card!

Upon my return to Spain, I did have to face some fears. A little over a year ago, I arrived in Spain and had my electronics confiscated. When I arrived from that trip, I had received my bags almost immediately upon arrival and headed for the exit, which gave the customs officials and opportunity to fire up their fancy-schmancy scanning equipment. This time, however, I was a bit more judicious in my approach to leaving. First, when I got my luggage, I took a moment to make sure that there were plenty of people scanning luggage, then followed several other people calmly walking to the exit beside the scanning area. I did not give the customs process a second glance, and happily found myself heading for the Metro station without needing to scan any of my bags.

Another worry was my residency renewal, which has happily been submitted. I am now waiting for the new identification card to come in. In comparison to the first time I completed this process, the renewal was a smooth, pleasant experience.

Since returning, I have been busy with doctor appointments, including having my eyes checked and a broken filling replaced. This is the first time I have had to use my new insurance, and it was a very smooth process. I had to go to the bank to clear up several things and clear up some questions that needed resolution.

Now, though, I am moving back into my routine of writing, whether it is on my blog, my dissertation, or my job. However, there will not be any more job-related work for me until sometime in the new year, so I have some quality time with my dissertation and my computer.

Gentle reader, I hope the holiday season finds you with family, friends, and the opportunities to make good memories! In the next few weeks and into the new year, I will be adding many more pictures and items to my blog. After being here for a year, I see the holidays here differently now, and will be sharing that with you! Remember, the last day of the holiday season here is Tres Reyes, the celebration of the arrival of the three kings. We still have a few days to celebrate!